System Checks

The following highlighted in RED must be fixed before continuing. Once the issues are resolved, click the Refresh button.

If you're not sure how to fix any of the issues, please submit a support ticket.

System Check Results
Test Value Message
mbstring Not Loaded The mbstring extension to PHP is reqired as part of the encryption method.
mbregex Not Loaded The mbregex extension to PHP is reqired as part of the data processing.
ZipArchive Not Available Your PHP installation does not have the ZipArchive available. ZipArchive is used to unzip the updates and the Geo-Device package and it's updates. While the application updates can be done manually, the geo-device package can not.
Config File Not Modified The file app/ does not have the database connection information. This will be done during Step 1 of the installation.
mb_convert_encoding Not Loaded This PHP function can help prevent clicks getting lost if there is non UTF-8 characters in select data points
app/logs files Exists and Writable The log files that exist are writable. There are some registered log files that do not exist. This is not a problem so don't worry about it.
PHP Version 5.6.32
IonCube Loader Loaded Installed ionCube version 10.0
mcrypt Loaded
curl Loaded
cURL SSL Enabled
Sessions Works
app/logs folder Exists and Writable
app/cache folder Exists and Writable
app/reports folder Exists and Writable
app/exports folder Exists and Writable